A new collaboration between creators in Kirkcaldy and Glasgow is set to capture the story of Scotland’s lockdown in an ambitious new video diary project.

MidgieBite MediaRainbow Lion Wellbeing and Stories with Lisa May Young have teamed up for the Our Lockdown video project. Our Lockdown will explore Scotland’s shared experiences of lockdown through the eyes of its people, and the team are now seeking video submissions from Scots throughout the country.

Our Lockdown will highlight the many different aspects of lockdown life. Contributors are being asked to share footage of their daily routines; working from home, ordering groceries online, daily exercises, keeping in touch with friends online, learning new skills, and any other activities or moments from their lockdown journey.

The organisers are also hoping contributors may share their mental health journeys, to explore the challenges of lockdown that many Scots will have faced – particularly loneliness – for contributors to find strength in expressing themselves, and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Clips submitted to the project will be compiled into a film which will showcase what life was like for Scots living in 2020.

The project was conceived of Glasgow-based massage therapist Lisa Dendy of Rainbow Lion Wellbeing (formerly Lisa Dendy Massage Therapy). Ms Dendy is now working with Gavin Hugh, of the Fife-based video production business MidgieBite Media, as well as K107 radio presenter and podcaster Lisa May Young.

Lisa Dendy, massage and wellbeing therapist, said:

Our Lockdown will be so insightful to take part in. Your viewpoint will be unique – guaranteed!

“This is your chance to share your experience of this important time in history. We might be in lockdown, but we’re not in lockdown alone.”

Gavin Hugh, founder of MidgieBite Media, added:

“We’re living in momentous times, and we believe everyone’s story deserves to be told.

“None of us ever thought we’d live through anything like this, and yet: here we are.

“Despite all of the challenges that lockdown has presented – particularly with regards to loneliness – there’s a real sense of strength and solidarity in knowing that others are going through the same challenges. You’re not alone, and we want Our Lockdown to demonstrate that.

“It’s important for everyone to be able to share their stories. We want contributors to know that this project is for them: a chance to share their experiences, and be listened to.”

“We hope this project will help bring all of us a little closer together, and ultimately, be a time capsule of a significant event in our history that we can all look back on in the years to come.”

Radio presenter and podcaster, Lisa May Young, added:

“I’m delighted to be involved in the Our Lockdown Project. Stories have never played a more important part in our history.

“Imagine your descendants – one hundred years or so from now – watching you share your experience of your lockdown.”

Contributors are asked to send submissions to Gavin Hugh at gavin@midgiebitemedia.scot. Anyone having difficulties with sending files is encouraged to get in touch.


Contributors can send as few or as many submissions as they like – though the project organisers would prefer submissions to be in a landscape (16×9) format where possible.

Contributors should be advised that the organisers may not be able to use all the clips and that consent will be required to use footage. Terms and conditions will apply.