An antiques expert is called upon to authenticate a clockwork doll with a notorious history, falling under its corrupting influence along with his stepdaughter.

Studio: Hex Studios

Year: 2019

Produced by: Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly, Rhiannon Crothers, Kyle Curry, Iain Mitchell Leslie, Morten Wisting

Directed by: Lawrie Brewster

Written by: Sarah Daly

Starring: Jamie Scott Gordon, Victoria Lucie, Alexandra Hulme, Jonathan Hansler, Keith Robson, Erich Redman

Executive Producers: Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, Bill Eikost, Nick Ford, Greg Orsi, Richard Pate, Charles Stiefel

Associate Producers: Jon Vangdal Aamaas, Peter Brown, Zeke Hanson, Matt Orefice, Marcel Osenroth, John Ozment, Jeremiah Rider, Chris Vick

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Available to purchase on the Hex Studios website.